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This page is dedicated to umpires.

We know many umpires are not 'attached' to teams and we want to ensure you are kept informed about issues which affect you. Therefore, our umpiring secretary is going to be keeping an up-to-date list of all Worcestershire umpires. This will ensure if there are changes to fixtures, etc, we can email directly. To ensure you are on the list please email our umpiring secretary

All England Full Domestic Rules Guidance 2016 - rulebook

Please note ...

It has been observed many umpires do not provide a stop-watch or any means of a timer for games they are umpiring. It is essential umpires are fully prepared, you wouldn't turn up without a whistle! Please ensure you are fully prepared with a stop watch/timer for timing your game.

Want to become an umpire?

INTO Officiating Award

Perfect for those that want to get to know the rules of netball and to officiate at a local level or in a school environment. Delegates will need to attend a full-day course (approx fee £45), you will need to then umpire to gain necessary experience before taking a written test and being observed by an approved assessor. This qualification lasts for 4 years and umpires can take the INTO officiating award twice. In order to then continue to umpire you would need to move onto your C Award.

C Award

As well as umpiring at a local level, the C Award qualification allows umpires to umpire at a higher level - higher local divisions and regional level. Again delegates will need to attend a C Award full-day course (approx fee £45), you will then need to get an assessor work with you as well as umpiring to gain necessary experience before taking a written test and practical test. This qualification has no expiry.

Other more advanced courses/qualifications are available, however, the above courses/qualifications are relevant for umpires wishing to umpire in the WCNL. For more information or to register your interest in becoming a suitably qualified umpire, please email Umpiring Secretary

Younger Umpires

Umpires aged between 16 and 18 years of age can umpire any match according to the qualification required by leagues, but England Netball recommend they do not umpire ‘senior’ matches but Under 18 or younger. With that in mind, England Netball know there are some very capable younger umpires so are keen for leagues to operate in the best interests of individuals.

WCNL are committed to encouraging anyone to become a qualified umpire regardless of age, sex, race or religion. However, we are also committed to ensuring the welfare of younger umpires.

If you are a qualified umpire under 18 years of age, you are unable to umpire in the WCNL until you have been observed by a suitable member of the WCNL Committee. Your qualification is not in doubt, however, the committee will be observing your confidence to umpire in a senior league based on England Netball's recommendations. Please see details in the policy below:

WCNL Younger Umpires Policy