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Umpiring letter sent out April 2017 – Netball Umpiring letter

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Region Minutes Jan 2016

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The committee are aware of instances of illegal umpires being used and are dealing with them despite this clarification email being sent out on 12th April. Teams are urged to check their umpires  hold the correct qualifications.  Please note that LA umpires are also being checked that they have had clear authority from WCNL committee that they can umpire.



 Every effort should be made to provide a C award umpire in the Premiership, however:

 Beginner umpires are allowed to umpire Prem, Div 1 and Div 2.see rule 5 below:

 5.         “All Premier, One and Two Division teams must have a qualified England netball beginner or above umpire to umpire for them throughout the season.  All other divisions must have a match fit qualified WCNL or England Netball umpire to umpire for them throughout the season. Umpires cannot be substituted during a match unless through illness or injury”   

 Under no circumstances can a league approved umpire officiate any games in the top 3 divisions.  They can umpire in Div 3, 4, 5 and 6

 Anyone who has taken an beginners course but has not yet taken their practical and written test do not automatically become league approved.  Attending a beginners course DOES NOTqualify you to umpire.

 If you have taken a beginners course and wish to be considered for League approved status you must contact the committee at, who will consider your request.

 The scorecards will be checked after every game and the committee will be monitoring games.  Any team breaking rule 5 will be dealt with under rule 24 as below;

 24.        Teams who do not comply with any WCNL Rule will have their total points gained at the end of the season halved.  Any subsequent offence will be dealt with by the disciplinary committee.

 If you have any queries, please contact us.  Do not umpire if in any doubt.